Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preparation of Dhaka University IBA MBA Admission Test 2013 and sample questions Page 3

which book is good for the preparation for mba in iba? The most IBA teachers suggest me to read the books that could be helpful for getting chance in IBA of du.These kinds of books here-

1.GRE big book -for fill in the blanks,synonyms, antonyms,

2.Barron Sate-for grammar, fill in the blanks

3.Official GMAT- for sentence correction,critical reasoning.

I am sure these books will help you so much ........

Sample Question (page 3)

Find the one most nearly similar in meaning to the capitalized word (Question 8 through 11):
    A. Defame        B. Ameliorate        C. Honor            D. Perturb         E. Rummage

    A. Squalid         B. Eccentric         C. Succinct         D. Limpid         E. Steady

    A. Infuriate         B. Commend         C. Abhor         D. Facilitate         E. Fluctuate

    A. Concord         B. Battle         C. Harmony         D. Part        E. Work

Fill in the blanks (Question 12 through 15):12. The admission test of EMBA program was held  -------------- Business Faculty Building.
     A. at the         B. in the         C. in a         D. by the         E. on a

13. We often ----------- a victim of circumstances.
    A. fallen         B. felt         C. did fall         D. fall         E. are felt

14. Dhaka city's traffic system, which is extremely old, -------------- prove difficult to modernize.
    A. it might         B. and might         C. might        D. that might         E. it might be

15. In a time of financial crisis, such lavish expenditure must be  ---------------.
    A. quickened         B. corrected        C. curtailed        D. justified        E. adjusted

Find the correct sentences (Question 16 to 19):
    A.The decision was hang over.
    B. The decision was hung over.
    C. The decision was hang down.
    D. The decision was hanged down.
    E. The decision was hang for.

    A. Would you mind close the door?
    B. Would you mind closing the door?
    C. Would you mind to close the door
    D. Would you mind in closing the door?
    E. Would you mind to closing the door?

    A. I Have much work in hand.
    B. I Have more work in my hand.
    C. I Have heavy work in me.
    D. I Have much work in the hand.
    D. I Have much load in hand.

    A. Jasmin fall down and broke his leg.
    B. Jasmin fell down and broke his leg.
    C. Jasmin fallen down and broke his leg.
    D. Jasmin fellen down and broke his leg.
    E. Jasmin fellen down and broke his leg.

Choose the pair that best express a relationship similar to the one expressed by the capitalized pair. ( Question 20 through 22):

    A. Seed:Plant        B. Druggist: Doctor        C. Furlong : Mile        D. Water : Bucket
    E. Tree : Fruit

    A. Essay : Topics        B. Game: Athletes         C. Novel : Chapter
    D. Poem : Rhymes        E. Drama : Actors

    A. Radar: Collision        B. Police: Criminal        C. Worry: Disaster       
    D. Sanitation: Health        E. Carelessness: Plan

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